Celebrating the Hypertension Project Teams!

Starting in spring 2021, 15 birthing facilities in Tennessee joined this project to promote the consistent application of diagnostic and treatment bundles and protocols to optimize the outcomes of patients with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in conjunction with AIM’s Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy Bundle. Participating hospitals were provided a toolkit, data collection tools, and aContinue reading “Celebrating the Hypertension Project Teams!”

TIPQC 2022 Annual Meeting Highlights

Reconnecting, reinvigorating, and reimaging the future for Tennessee’s Moms and Babies was the highlight of the 15th TIPQC Annual Meeting held Sunday-Tuesday, March 6-8, 2022 in Franklin.  With over 250 healthcare professionals, as well as patients & families, and other support organizations, the meeting highlighted national speakers, current Quality Improvement (QI) projects, local hospital quality improvementContinue reading “TIPQC 2022 Annual Meeting Highlights”